Gifted Children (UMUT)

Prof. Dr. Naida Camukova

The most intelligent people in the world, from Dagestan Prof. Dr. Naida Camukova, she was born in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation in 1976. She started the elementary school in 1980 at the age of 3. She finished her school in 11 years instead of 7 years with medals. Despite being in high school in 1985 she also began to study Medicine. She graduated in 1087 with outstanding success. She continued her studies with great success in Dagestan State University and Moscow State University at the same time in 1987-1992. Nadia Camukova, Einstein’s intelligence test score out of 200 was 199.37. Camukova can speak 7 languages (Russian, English, French, Turkish, German, Arabic and Persian) and 8 Turkish dialects (Kumyk, Nogai, Karachaevo-Malkarca, Kazakh, Tatar, Gagavuzca, and Azerbaijani). In 2001 she was the world’s youngest professor 25-year-old. Camukova Nadia is currently 30 years old.  She had been publishing 25 books in many different disciplines and subjects. She also has some interesting features. For example, Camukova can read in two hours 300-page book and she can keep in her memory more than three thousand book.


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